The GiRLiFE Gratitude Workshop is the first section of an extensive and engaging girl empowerment curriculum....and I’m offering it to you for FREE.

Enjoy the lesson plan and tools that this digital girl power training provides.....and by all means feel free to take this workshop out for a test run with your own community of girls.

In the workshop, I will be sharing with you simple but profound tips for cultivating happiness, peacefulness and confidence in the young girls in your life/community by practicing the principles of gratitude.

With the gratitude workshop, you will gain access to:

  • Workshop walkthrough video and slides
  • Icebreaker activity
  • Workshop crafts
  • Resource lists
  • Suggested playlists and buzzwords
  • Empowered vs. coward activities
  • Dialogue prompts & worksheets
  • Introduction & follow up letter templates

This free gratitude workshop is simple to implement in your own home town and proven to empower the young girls you serve… all while generating income for the good work that you do.

I am confident that you will feel, see and truly believe in the value of running your own workshops and changing the world one girl at a time....

From the desk of Melody...

I have committed the last 3 years of my life creating and piloting my greatest ever passion project - the GiRLiFE Empowerment Series; A series of empowerment workshops dedicated to supporting young girls to find their own voice and live a life that lights them up from the inside-out.

In my work as a life and wellness coach, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of women {this includes myself and the massive amount of self-coaching I do} I have learned that what holds us ALL back from living a truly fulfilled life is an absence of "having our own backs".

As I supported women who needed to unlearn their fears and get reacquainted with their dreams, I had an earth shattering aha! moment.

What would it look like if we learned principles of self-love, confidence and compassion as young girls?? How would women evolve to their greatest potential if they learned to "have their own backs" as young impressionable children?

I hope the GiRLiFE Gratitude Workshop helps you to empow{her} the young girls in your life, whomever they may be, your daughter, your niece, your students, your clients.....


XO Melody